That one time at boot camp...

Prior to attending my first class, I was struggling to find my groove back. when I would drive by my gym I would feel like Iet myself down and there were times I even mentally put myself down for not attending more often. I believe this all stemmed from my recent move to a new state and trying to adjust to my new surroundings. I used to be so invested in my health that I think this made me question all my personal goals because I've never taken such a long break. In my heart, I was truly appreciative of everything I had but something wasn’t right. I was sad/defeated that I didn’t have any friends or anyone to talk to. I was so thrilled to work every day because it meant I was getting to speak to someone aside from my dogs but I needed more of a personal setting. I would think back and remind myself of the places I enjoyed when I felt sad. One of those places that used to bring me so much joy was Target (yes, as in the store) and I’m sure it has something to do with the immediate satisfaction of getting a Starbucks and shopping and making small talk with employees. However, The nearest target is 30+miles away and the immediate narrative in my mind was: it's too far, it's too dark, and you might get lost. I mean I wasn't wrong, but I was certainly limiting myself due to fear.

In my heart I know I have this passion and potential to give it my all and to become the best person and motivator to those around me. I have so many goals and aspirations which, also give me a desire to do more. So more I shall do!

I am super excited that I am finally getting out into my new community and getting started with the goals I have written down. I’ve received so much coaching on how to create a path to success and so this is a commitment to myself to stay accountable and committed. 

so here we go!!!

Shelbie's Boot camp:

I am super impressed with people who are willing to wake up at the crack of dawn to attend a boot camp. I am even more impressed when those same individuals attend back to back to back classes. like how? whatchu on? but seriously, I have so many questions! I guess I always considered myself a morning person until I calculated my drive time to attend the 5:00 am weekday boot camps and it was a hard realization that I am NOT a morning person unless it means Kobe Bryant is waiting for me at boot camp which has not been the case lol. 

Example of my morning routine:

Alarm goes off at 3:50 am 

I snooze until 4:00 am

wake up in a panic at 4:05 am 

Time of departure was 4:15 am

leave in a rush at 4:22 am 

Arrive at location 5:07 am

Not the most accurate person on time lines but I somehow make it! I am now on week 3 (i believe) of attending boot camps regularly. which, tend to be Wednesday and Friday and often times Friday and Saturday depending on what kind of week it has been. 

Here's a snippet of my 1s time at boot camp-

The first boot camp I attended was on a warm Thursday afternoon. I remember feeling excited because I was finally going to get to work out and I was going to meet the trainer of this boot camp that I had read so much about. I won’t lie to you and tell you everything was smooth sailing because it wasn’t. like typical me, I was rushing and I felt bad that I didn’t have my $10 cash to pay for my drop-in fee but luckily the first class is free. Yay!!

When I arrived we all filed into the downstairs of a martial arts studio ( once we gathered as a group we were instructed to run up a hill 5x (there and back).Now, this was no regular ass hill. This was a steep hill in the immediate direction of the sun at around 6:00 pm.

A few thoughts crossed my mind:

1. wait, I have to run?

2. why didn't anyone tell me running was involved!?

I couldn’t tell you the last time I ran outside since I tend to do my cardio indoors and it doesn’t involve running but more of a brisk uphill walk. Once we completed this “warm-up” (I was out of breath upon completion). We were all instructed to do 75 Burpees! My immediate response was “how many!?” and to my surprise, there was no mistake she said 75! As we all proceeded to attempt to complete 75 burpees we were told what we were going to be doing. I remember there were ropes, push-ups, handstands, bags with weights, punching, slamming and a whole lot of sweating. After 40ish minutes of arm exercises we were instructed to go outside and run the hill another 5 times. This was not to be a brisk walk or a light job this was to be executed at a faster pace but with some sort of weight. I ended up with the 10lbs medicine ball that felt like 20lbs. Not knowing what was to follow I proceed to try to end this as quickly as possible thinking to myself “once I’m done I can go the fuck home and die” but to my complete surprise, we all had to put up our weights and gather in a circle. 


The positive circle:

Now, these circles are not intended to be a pity party or a negative Nancy convention. They are intended for all of us to share something about our day that made a positive impact on us. Some of these men and women were encountering family issues, a bad day, not wanting to workout etc. regardless of all the internal issues everyone was encountering they were all so motivational towards one another and it gave me a feeling of community that I had been longing for.


One of the most inspiring assets about Shelbie’s squad is that everyone has different reasons for wanting to be healthy yet, they are so inspirational with an amazing sense of humor. During the last few weeks, I've seen people throw up, I've seen people join the group and I've seen kids in attendance which, is amazing in it self. I was also inducted into their Group on Facebook and man oh man! These ladies/men are so encouraging to one another. Some ladies have even started completing 5K’s and beating their own run times!  If that doesn’t motivate you then I don’t know what will!


Overall, I highly recommend these classes regardless of your fitness levels. You will not be disappointed and you will only be kicking yourself for not trying it out before. If you are considering an alternative please note that Shelbie also works on Meal plans, Boot camps, personal training, monthly challenges, online training and much more!


Thank you to Shelbie L for encouraging us all not to give up on our goals!

Thank you to Daneen for updating me about the schedule changes when I refused to get Facebook!

Thank you to all those who regularly attend Shelbie’s classes because you all motivate me to keep attending but most importantly thank you for being so kind to one another and for welcoming me into your squad.



Even though we just met I am eternally grateful for you. thank you for telling me to follow my fucking dreams but most importantly thank you for building such a bad ass empire!  

Get it gurl!