Surf's Up Girl!

I tend to plan out my week's work on a Sunday. I focus on my food prep, workouts, and now my schedule for this blog/lifestyle. 

On this particular weekend, I had decided that I was going to start traveling further away from home while still maintaining with my main purpose which, is to support and attend more local fitness classes in my region.

On Friday night I started mad googling all the local businesses in my region that have establishments that align with my values and lifestyle. I came upon Core 3 which, was about a 45-minute drive from my home. On this particular night, I told myself I was going to sleep in but I promised myself I was going to attend the 9:00 am Core class. What most intrigued me about this locale is that they utilize a surfboard to conduct their classes. The board looked to be suspended over the step-up blocks that I've used at gyms but this was just the construction of them.  This class was a 45-minute core focused class with a bit of a HIIT concept. Upon arrival, I was greeted by their friendly staff members and I was introduced to the instructor of the class. I was then instructed to grab a set of weights (variety was available) being my first time I decided to go with the 3 lbs hand weights and a 10 lbs sandbag. Our warm-up consisted of familiarization with the board with no weights. We did step-up, toe taps, and planks. Once the actual class began level extreme was activated with hardly any breaks which, made sense since it's supposed to be a rigorous core class. The class definitely took me by surprise with the variety of exercises that we were able to conduct while still balancing the board. We did Burpees, Abs, Arms, jump squats, and pistol squats and additional exercises that had me dripping sweat and at times out of breath due to the consistent fast pace changes which, I  personally enjoy!

My takeaway from attending this awesome studio was that they are the only studio in Saint Louis that has the Surfboards. They also have cycling, TRX suspension classes, and they also incorporate the ballet barre. What I loved is that they do provide variety which, seems like a great concept to those like myself that like to change things up. I felt so accomplished after this class was over because I had actually completed something I had never done but I also felt strong and empowered that I did not give up even when my legs had shaken like a baby deer walking for the first time. The next day, I was sore all over and my core definitely felt tighter by just attending one class. 

If you happen to live in MO please make sure to check this studio out! BTW, they are near a Target and Starbucks which makes the trip that much sweeter! 

Additional Info:

Fees: $20 for 2 classes (as of Sept 2017) 

Groupon: Available

Parking: Plenty of parking for evening classes 

Address: 1244 Hanley Industrial Ct, Brentwood, MO 63144