"My goal is to inspire and motivate those who I come into contact with. I am a firm believer that anything is possible with our bodies and in our lives!" - Ivetthe K.


Ivetthe Kenkel


Cycling Certified 2017

I have been taking cycling classes for 10+ years. My very first ride was during my time in the U.S. Army while deployed. I loved the way I always I felt invincible when I would complete a class. I always wanted more and I kept going back because I loved the challenge that each instructor had when I attended a class. I am the kind of person that dances in her seat based on the music and how that specific song makes me feel. I love that each person has the ability to challenge themselves within each class. I love the flexibility of being the master of your own body and having the inner resilience to keep going even when the resistance gets higher…very much like our personal lives!

Favorite move:


Favorite genre:

Latin- Reggeaton